“We need a strategy to overcome the complexities of Japan’s markets! We don’t want to fail!”

“We are successful in many many countries all over the world, we are No. 1 in our industry sector globally, we are 30 years in Japan, and we need a strategy for our business in Japan to finally take off and start growing!”

“Our first joint-venture market entry to Japan did not work out, now we are into our second joint-venture and we really need this to succeed. We need a strategy to bring our second joint-venture to success!”

“We are a rapidly growing silicon valley internet company, our first two market entries to Japan did not fulfill expectations, we need a strategy to succeed this third time round and start growth in Japan – as in all other markets we are globally!”

“Japan is one of the most important markets for our high precision equipment company, we have been looking at Japan for more than five years, we are not sure if we should partner with a Japanese company, or go on our own – we need a strategy to build out business in Japan!”

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