M&A and global business in Tokyo for more than 30 years

Gerhard Fasol is among those foreigners with the longest and deepest business experience in Japan. Gerhard has worked on a large range of business projects including M&A, strategy advisory, turn-round, and market entry to Japan. In recent years, Gerhard focuses on pharmaceutical industry and medical devices. Gerhard has worked with the some of the largest global corporations including CEO and Board level, with investment banks, and ventures, and government agencies, eg Finland’s TEKES. Gerhard is one of the few foreigners who served on the Board of Directors of a Japanese stock market listed group, taking a pro-active role in increasing the value of the company.

Gerhard Fasol works since 1984 with Japan, when he came first time to Japan to help build an R&D cooperation project with NTT’s R&D labs, and works since 1991 in Tokyo, since 1997 as entrepreneur.



Board Director and Corporate Governance

Gerhard Fasol is among the few foreign Board Directors of Japanese stock market listed corporations.

For four years he served as Board Director plus member of the Supervisory & Audit Committee of the stock market listed GMO GlobalSign Holdings KK Group [TYO:3788].

Gerhard takes a pro-active role, pushed for changes, and of course took part in all the Board discussions and decision making, on the basis of many detailed private discussions with other Board Members, and CEO, and study of the company and the markets.

Gerhard is deeply interested and speaker on Japan’s corporate governance and management reforms. Gerhard’s views on Japan’s corporate governance and management reforms at the Foreign Correspondents Club FCCJ:


Communities: Ludwig Boltzmann Forum


Communities: Trinity Japan (Trinity College, Cambridge University)


Team members

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