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Who we are

Eurotechnology-Japan was founded in 1996/1997 with the mission and passion to build foreign high-technology business in Japan, work on investment and acquisition, M&A projects, and to work on globalizing Japanese corporations.

What we do

In the first few months of our company we worked on SIEMENS’s entrance strategy into Japan’s environmental technology markets, we worked with NTT-Communications’ international M&A team of NTT’s entry into Europe’s telecommunications and internet markets, and we worked on the global strategy for one of Asahi-Glass’ environmentally friendly lighting products. Since our beginning in 1997 we have worked on 100s of business projects ranging from acquisitions, due-diligence, market entry, business expansion in Japan for foreign high-tech companies, and on helping to resolve difficult management and HR issues.


Doing business with us

Doing business with us is easy, our project agreements are simple and straight forward, and in many cases we could start a project work within a few days.

We have worked with 100s of large industrials, global multi-nationals, Silicon Valley SaaS companies, midsized “hidden champions”, and ventures on acquisition, strategy, market entry to Japan, turn-round in Japan.

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