Acquisitions, investments, M&A in Japan

Track record: European industrial group seeking an acquisition or partnership in Japan

“We are a large privately owned European industrial group, for 10 years we tried to create joint-ventures, build joint-business with a large Japanese industrial group in our sector. For 5 years we tried to have meaningful discussions, but we have no results yet.”

We identified the most suitable Representative Board Director of the Japanese industrial group, after thorough preparations we directly approached this Board Director and developed discussions and a relationship. We then assisted our client to prepare business proposals to the Japanese industrial group. With the support of the Representative Board Director, the Japanese group agreed to the European group’s proposal within 12 hours. Japanese company’s decision making can be very fast, if conditions are right, and if proposals are prepared and delivered in the right way.

CEO and Board of a Japan fund of one of the largest global investment banks: how can we invest in Japan’s growing venture ecosystem

“We see Japan’s VC and venture ecosystem growing in recent years. How can we we invest in Japan’s venture ecosystem, what are our options, is there a case?”

We created an in-depth understanding of Japan’s VC and venture ecosystem, ways to invest. And we held a workshop with CEO and Board of Directors, where we invited Managing Partners of several of Japan’s leading VC funds to introduce there funds, and introduce possibilities to invest, eg white-label/outsourced funds.

US industrial solutions group seeks to invest in or acquire one or more Japanese semiconductor circuit design houses

US industrial solutions group seeks to invest in or acquire one or more Japanese semiconductor circuit design houses

In a multiple-step process we first researched a large list of potentially interesting candidate design houses – ranging from in-house groups in large corporations, small independent design groups, as well as very promising high-growth ventures. Profiling this long list, we arrived at a shortlist of candidates. We visited all shortlisted candidates at their head-quarters, held meetings with their leadership, and created detailed profiles of a selection of shortlist candidates, eliminating a few unsuitable candidates from the shortlist. We ranked this shortlist according to suitability. Our top-shortlisted candidates today have later, long after we completed this project, gone public on the Tokyo Stock Exchange and are leading Japanese electronics companies.

European pharmaceutical multinational acquires a Japanese pharmaceutical company/factory

“We are a European pharmaceutical multinational in the process of acquiring a Japanese pharma company/factory. We have very limited time, and need environmental, technical and regulatory due-diligence of the Japanese pharma factory, including on-site water processing, radio-active and bio equipment, and extensive grounds. We need assistance in our acquisition negotiations (we have talked with a number of other Japanese companies, but they could not promise to deliver within our time limits)”

One day after first discussion with this customer (the European pharma multinational’s Japan-CEO), we confirmed cooperation with the Board of Directors of a licensed specialized environmental analysis group, and concluded the contract with firm time limits. In cooperation with our Japanese partner company, we produced a deep due diligence report including ground history back to original wood land, regulatory history including compliance history, ground analysis searching for poisons and other ground defects using ground radar, gas extraction and material probes for laboratory analysis, compliance for animal experiments, laboratories, and radiological compliance, waste water compliance including water treatment plant, compliance records for all permissions required for a complex pharmaceutical plant with extensive grounds. We identified a number of issues (regulatory issues, technical issues etc), determined the financial risk, cost estimates for correcting these issues, and regulatory risks, and potential financial impact, and actions required. We assisted negotations, enabling our client to reach a fair acquisition price, taking account of the financial impact of the list of issues we identified and assessed. – all within the required time limit.

Investment fund managers, portfolio managers

Portfolio managers, investment fund managers (up to US$ 10 billion under management):

“What would you do as CEO of company ABC”

“What is the value creation of mobile payments, electronic money, e-cash”

“What are the key companies, value creation, business models, how can we understand the software industry for smart phones”

Worked with more than 100 investment fund managers, portfolio managers, on analysing and due diligence on investment targets, especially in areas where Japan is leading global developments, including mobile internet, electronic money and mobile payments.

Acquisition of a large Japanese telecommunications company by one of the largest Japanese telecom groups using debt

A global debt risk insurer engaged Eurotechnology to research the risks of the debt financed acquisition of a large Japanese telecommunications operator by a large Japanese telecommunications/internet group

We created a risk analysis covering the US$ 15 billion acquisition in Japan’s telecommunications sector for the global debt risk assurer.

Contributions to M&A decision making as Board Director

As Board Director of a stock market listed Japanese cybersecurity group GMO GlobalSign Holdings KK (Tokyo Stock Exchange No 3788), Gerhard Fasol took an active part in the decision making process of several M&A transactions.


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