Track record

with many leading global multinationals, hidden champions and ventures, and Government agencies

For one of Europe’s largest engineering multi-nationals we prepared the market entry strategy into Japan’s environmental technology markets – from renewable energies, co-generation to soil-pollution

Following a meeting with one of the global Executive Board Directors and the global Head of R&A, and a presentation in front of over 100 company team members at their European HQ, this company engaged us to prepare their market entry strategy into Japan’s environmental technology markets, based on broad and deep market research.

We created deep market research in many areas of Japan’s environmental technology markets, including renewable energies, electricity co-generation, waste incineration and landfills, soil-pollution and remediation and brown fields, radiation protection, lean production, recycling, and several more areas.

We also benchmarked Japan’s major industrial corporations on their environmental footprint and policies, including lean production, reduction of CO2 emission etc.

Based on the in-depth market research, and understanding of the competitive market situation, and market needs, we created entrance strategy alternatives, including acquisitions candidates.

We created the Europe entry strategy for the global M&A team for one of Japan’s largest telecom / IT groups, including entry into 17 different industry verticals.

The global M&A team of one of Japan’s largest telecom/IT/data groups engaged us to prepare this group’s entry into European data markets, including telecom/internet infrastructure, partnerships and/or investments into major European telcos and data infrastructure companies, understand Europe’s data markets such as fibre and data center infrastructure, and create strategies to enter 17 different industry verticals for data services.

Our results included

  • creating an indepth understanding of Europe’s telecom and data service markets including competitive landscape, major players, pricing eg infrastructure, dark fibre pricing etc
  • partnership strategy with large European telco’s. We profiled European telco’s including characterization and potential and risks, and possibility, of potential partnerships including the possibility for investment
  • we held preparatory discussions with a number of European telco’s to understand their views on potential partnerships and industry developments
  • we created a list of candidates for potential investment or acquisition, including European IT/data service/data center infrastructure companies including profiling and assessment of the possibilities for acquisitions or investments
  • we created understanding of 17 different industry verticals across Europe, verticals where data have high value, eg pharmaceutical research, automotive development, logistics etc.

We assisted the CEO of a European pharmaceutical multinational in acquiring a Japanese pharma factory near Tokyo

A European pharma multi-national engaged us to assist acquisition of a Japanese pharmaceutical company/factory. We were engaged to prepare environmental and regulatory due-diligence, find potential problems such as poison in the ground, due diligence on regulatory approvals of the pharmaceutical factory, due diligence on regulatory compliance of animal experiment areas and radioactive pharma, waste water cleaning plant etc.

The pharmaceutical factory includes a large piece of land, including an artificial lake and a small hill (which needed to be examined for potential soil and water pollution), water works (which needed to be checked for regulatory compliance, including checking the downstream water emitted by the water cleaning plant for contamination by the pharmaceutical plant. The factory also included clean rooms, radioactive areas under radioactivity regulatory control, animal experiments, a water cleaning plant, and pharmaceutical equipment which all need regulatory approval.

The European CEO first contacted us in November, and initially wished for the due diligence to be concluded by end of that year, eg in less than 2 months. We could provide a project plan including a partnership with a Japanese environmental services company within 48 hours, except for a delivery date at the end of January, ie within 3 months (instead of the initially desired 2 months).

Project manager on our side was one of our team members who previously had worked in the IT department of the Bank of Japan before joining our team.

We created a cooperation with a leading Japanese environmental examination company with the necessary licenses, laboratory and equipment, we planned and managed the due diligence process, and helped the European CEO understand existing problems, risks, and potential cost of remedy, and assisted with negotiations:

  • we created a project partnership with one of the leading Japanese environmental examination companies with the required licenses, laboratory and equipment (eg ground gas analysis, ground radar, soil sample analysis etc)
  • we management the due diligence project, project management, and we cooperated with the Japanese company in assisting with the interpretation of physics based examinations, eg. we interpreted the ground radard measurement results, planned the location of soil samples and gas extraction
  • in cooperation with the Japanese partner we found approximately 10 potential problems, assessed their risks, and the potential cost of correction of these problems
  • we assisted the European CEO in the acquisition negotiations to adjust the acquisition price to reflect the costs necessary to remedy the problems we found in the pharmaceutical factory

Result: in cooperation with the Japanese partner company, we created an in-depth due diligence report on the land and the pharmaceutical factory, a list of about 10 problems detected during the due-dligence examination, assessment of risk and the potential costs for remedy of these problems, and we assisted the European CEO in the acquisition negotiations.

The acquisition was successfully concluded, and our client – the European CEO and his European pharma group – became the new owners of the pharmaceutical factory near Tokyo.

We worked with the portfolio managers of one of the largest global investment funds on the impact of technology inflections originating from Japan on global investment portfolios: mobile payment, e-money, the transition from incandescent to GaN based solid state lighting, software and OS for smartphones etc.

Portfolio managers of one of the world’s largest investment firms engaged us to understand the impact of technology inflections driven by innovation/inventions from Japan on global investment portfolios, as well as analysis of partical companies.

We focused on innovation/ inventions originating from Japan, including mobile payments, e-money, the transition from incandescent to GaN based solid state lighting.

Directly and via investment sector service companies we worked with around 100 fund managers on similar analyst-type projects, analysing large scale global technology inflection as well as analysis of particular companies.

We delivered detailed reports, as well as interactive conferences with portfolio managers and their team of analysts, where questions included “what would you do as CEO of this particular company”, or detailed value chain analysis of industry sectors, eg software for smartphones.

  • we created detailed industry sector analysis on value chains, supply chains, patent landscape, licensing relationship landscape, barriers to entry, “moats” of companies, strategies of companies
  • interactive sessions with portfolio managers and their teams of analysts
  • research reports
  • industry areas include:
    • mobile payments, including QR code payments
    • e-money, including prepared fare cards
    • GaN industry, including the transition from incandescent to GaN based solid state lighting
    • software and OS for smartphones
    • and more

Our track record in Japan’s energy sector

  • For SIEMENS we worked on market entry preparations, market research and strategy to enter Japan’s environmental technology markets including renewable energy, energy technology (eg electricity co-generation), lean production, radiative protection, soil pollution, recycling and much more. We research deep and wide understanding, quantitative market analysis, projections into the future, and developed market entry alternatives.
  • For a San Francisco/Bay Area investment fund – and two of their investment portfolio companies – we created a broad and deep mapping of Japan’s post-Fukushima energy landscape including detailed quantitative data to assist with investment decisions for the fund and for business development and Japan market entry planning by the two portfolio companies.
  • For a Japanese energy equipment company, a subsidiary of one of Japan’s leading industrial holding companies, we explored business development options in the Japanese energy space, and created an opportunity with a US electricity generation equipment manufacturer.
  • For an investment fund we analyzed and performed due diligence on a Japanese fuel addiditive company to assist with decision making on a possible investment.
  • For a European smart meter and wireless sensor manufacturer we worked on a technical product development project to modify the sensor products for Japan’s different technical requirements.
  • For a US company selling electricity power flow market data measured by country wide networks of sensors next to electricity powerlines measuring the electro-magnetic fields, we worked on market entry to Japan, including analysis of Japan’s electricity markets and market readiness, worked on technical projects to adapt wireless sensors to Japan’s market, and worked on market entry planning.
  • and many more