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NASDAQ listed Silicon Valley based SaaS company seeking to grow faster in Japan

“We are a leading silicon valley internet company, we are No. 1 in most major markets except Japan – Japan is our most important target out of USA, we failed two times to enter Japan, now the third time MUST work!”

Eurotechnology: We applied our systematic approach developed over many years, to set our customer on a growth path. In the first phase we created an overall understanding of the client’s current position in Japan, benchmarking with competitors and market sectors, and developed an outline growth path and a time line of targets. In the second phase we created the go-to-market plan based on detailed sector analysis, and created priority rankings to focus limited resources. The next, third phase consist of creating the necessary business platform, and in creating a company structure in Japan which clients and employees can trust.

European multinational seeking to overcome stagnation in Japan and grow:

“We are globally No. 1 in our sector, in business in Japan for 30 years, and we believe our potential in Japan is twenty times more sales than we have now, and we want to finally break through and start growing!”

Eurotechnology: We determined factors holding back our client from growing in Japan. In a workshop with global executive management (CEO, CTO, CFO, sector executive managers) we created understanding at top executive management level of changes in approach to move the company to a growth path in Japan.

European industrial group seeking an acquisition or partnership in Japan:

“We are a large European industrial group, for 10 years we tried to create joint-ventures, build joint-business with a large Japanese industrial group in our sector. For 5 years we tried to have meaningful discussions leading to results, but we have no results yet.”

Eurotechnology: We identified the most suitable Representative Board Director of the Japanese industrial group, after thorough preparations we directly approached this Board Director and developed discussions and a relationship. We then assisted our client to prepare business proposals to the Japanese industrial group. With the support of the Representative Board Director, the Japanese group agreed to the European group’s proposal within 12 hours. Japanese company’s decision making can be very fast, if conditions are right, and if proposals are prepared and delivered in the right way.

One of Japan’s largest telecommunications groups seeking to enter Europe’s markets:

“We need help to develop our strategy to enter Europe’s markets, to invest, acquire and develop partnerships to enter 17 different market sectors, where our data communication services are of value.”

Eurotechnology: We mapped Europe’s internet markets covering all EU and non-EU countries, including quantitative and pricing research and data traffic flow analysis. We developed market entrance strategies for 17 industry sectors, outlining strategies including proposing suitable companies for investment or acquisition or partnership. We proposed an extensive number of targets, and assisted with the preparations, and held initial talks in preparation.

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